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EMMads Ad Page is so simple to use it's perfect for all internet marketers including newbies. Give away a free page just like this one complete with your ad at the top of the group. Specifically designed it allows anybody to succeed in making a substantial income from home. Foolproof and cheat-proof system, log-in to our analytics to check your ad-clicks and you keep 100% of the commissions.

Choose any online business/affiliate link to promote, sign-up and place an ad for $5. We set-up and host your page exactly the same as this with your ad placed at the top of the group of ads. Your page will have it's own unique link to promote in the usual way (click here to see how to e-mail up to 10,000/day for free). Use the free tools offered in the sidebar to create and promote your ad.

We Recruit For You

Exceptionally powerful because only five people are needed to place an ad using your link for your ad to be placed on a minimum 19,000+ sites earning you $78+ k ! You do not have to promote your link but the more you do the sooner you start receiving payments and the more exposure your ad will get. Every new ad is also placed in the featured ad section in the sidebar which appears on every single EMMads Page throughout the network rotating off with every 6th new ad placed.

Too good to be true? Nope, just true! The simple plans are always the best and what could be more simple than giving away free advertising to receive a guaranteed huge amount of money. We even give you your referrals......simple.

So how does it work?

Sign-up and place an ad. Promote the link to your page. We place 5 others under you. Pay one time only fee of $5 (this is not a monthly subscription). Each person that places an ad effectively pushes your ad down a position on each successive advertisers page until your ad reaches the bottom of the list, then 15,625 people will pay $5 directly to you, (see below). We simply link a paypal or payza payment button to your chosen e-mail so you receive peer to peer payments directly into your chosen account. After, if you want  why not place another ad and do it again....and again! 


You promote to 5 = 5

5 promote to 5 = 25

25 promote to 5 = 125

125 promote to 5 = 625

625 promote to 5 = 3,125

3,125 promote to 5 = 15,625

15,625 send you $5 = $78,125


Help for newcomers

No business to advertise? Choose one of the biz-opps advertised above or there are a number of free biz-opps you can choose from here. Just choose one that you prefer, you can change your ad anytime.

Don't know how to promote your link? This is surprisingly easy and we show you how to put your link in front of thousands per day and it's absolutely free! Many of the those you will promote to have biz-opps of their own and will realise how beneficial EAP can be as an advertising platform in it's own right, although unlikely it is potentially possible for ads to be viewed by 19 million+ per day if each advertiser is promoting their page to 1,000/day and all for just a one time payment of $5. Click here for more details including all the e-mail sales copy you will need. Everything is done for you.

Worried about finding 5 others? No problem, many of the others promoting their page will have more than 5 respond and place an ad, this is called "overspill", we assign some of these to anyone that is struggling plus we continually heavily promote EMMads Ad Page daily.

No hidden costs. There are no extra or hidden costs, no upsells, upgrades or anything else to pay. You will need an e-mail account, get a free g mail account here, plus a free Paypal or Payza account (available on the sign-up form) so you can receive your peer to peer payments.

Check sign-ups and commissions. All EA pages are hosted by us which enables us to track all ads on all pages, this allows you to check your ad clicks and commission payments by logging-in to our analytics.

Are EMMads Ad Pages legal? Yes this is not a pyramid or ponzi scheme, each person is paying for a genuine advertising service for which they are paid an affiliate commission for selling more advertising. Our legal pages can be found at the foot of every page.

Some Simple Rules

  1. We will not host anything considered to be of an offensive nature.
  2. Only 1 Emmads Ad Page per advertiser (you may change your ad).
  3. Please ensure to make payment for $5 at the same time you place your ad and sign-up.




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